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Company Information

The Company Information section allows you to enter the information that will appear in Google Search Engine results when someone searches for your company. The information you enter is added in to Markup Schema which Google will index once you have requested indexing via Search Console.

From here you can turn off Mark-up Schema. This is sometimes helpful if oyu have Yoast SEO installed as it can often cause conflict issues.


Add a favicon to help users find your website in the Navigation bar of their browser.

Your favicon can be toggled on an off via the Theme Settings.

When selecting a Favicon, please bear in mind it should be 16x16px, 32x32px or 64x64px. These are the optimum image dimensions for favicons.

Top Bar

This is the bar that appears above the navigation of your website. They are often useful to display secondary information. For example, a phone number or an email address.

Show Top Bar? – Turn the Top Bar on or off.

Show Top Bar on small devices? – Turning the Top Bar off for small devices can have it’s benefits. Particularly if you have a lot of content in the Top Bar that could cause display issues.

You can also configure the Background colours and font colours of the Top Bar from this section by using the colour pickers provided.

Adding content to the Top Bar is simple and can be done via the Left/Right HTML input boxes. Advising on HTML input is out of our scope, but a good place to start is here; Bootstrap.


A website Footer is an important part of your website. It can display important and useful information to your website visitors. It is important you make sure your Footer looks presentable.


Customising the Footer

InterTheme makes use of WordPress’ Widgets to build your footer. You can add a Widget to any of the 3 Footer Columns available. This ensures you can get maximum customisation.


Selecting a Footer Logo or display your websites title

Just like your Navigation Bar you can use the same process to select a logo to appear in your Footer. Or alternatively, you can choose to display your websites title as text.


Footer Widget Title styling

The Footer Widget Titles use the default Heading Three Styles set in the Typography section of InterTheme’s options. You can override the size using the input box available.


Footer colour scheme

The colour scheme to your Footer can also be edited here within the Footer Section on InterTheme’s options. Use the colour pickers provided to change the necessary colours.

404 Page

WordPress does not afford you the chance to edit your 404 Page, changing your 404 Page is up to your theme developer. Luckily for you, we have a whole section in InterTheme’s options to allow you to edit your 404 Page.


Add content to your 404 Page

Use the WYSIWYG editor provided to add content to your 404 Page. This content will appear beneath the 404 Error and Search Box. It is often useful to display a friendly message here and help redirect a visitor to where they need to be.


Changing the style of the 404 Page

Use the colour pickers and select boxes provided to change the 404 Page’s colours and layout. From here you can switch the sidebar on/off and even change its position as well as changing background colours and page padding.

Archive Page

Archive pages are used to display a list of post types. For example a Posts page is an archive page as it displays a list of your websites blog posts. Again, WordPress offers very little in terms of customisation for your Archive pages. So, just like the 404 Page we offer this customisation through InterTheme’s options.

Any content added to the WYSIWYG editor will only appear on your posts page. This is because you can have multiple archive types. For example, you may have a “Team member” post type that will have an archive page. The content that you want to appear for your posts archive may not be relevant to a “Team member” archive. However, all other options will be available to other archive pages.


Changing how many posts display per row

To change how many posts display per row, select an option from the “Posts per row” dropdown. Please bear in mind that changing this may have a negative effect on the readability of your posts. If you select 4 posts per row it would be beneficial to change how many posts display on your archive pages to 12. This would make your posts appear uniform.

Search Page

Search Pages display any relevant post/pages to a visitors search terms. Again, WordPress offers very little in terms of customisation for this page. Therefore, similar to the Archive, and 404 Pages we offer customisation of this page through InterTheme’s Options.


Your site’s typography can be edited from here. To ensure cross-device compatibility some options have been disabled for certain fonts. If you feel compelled to customise your fonts further, this can be done by adding CSS to the CSS section of InterTheme’s options.


Body Copy and Anchors

These are the standard tags that we use to display on your website. For example, the text you are reading now is what we refer to as Body Copy. Anchors are also known as Links. It is often good practice to colour your links different to your Body Copy so visitors are aware that the link is clickable.


Heading Tags

Heading Tags are often used to display the important of a piece of content on your website.